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Dualbell Superset-Dumbbells to Barbell Adapters Connectors 4-pack

Dualbell Superset-Dumbbells to Barbell Adapters Connectors 4-pack

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Use 4 Dumbbells at Once to maximize your workouts by going beyond your heaviest dumbbells!

Combine the weight of four dumbbells to take your strength training to the next level. 

With the Dualbell Superset you’ll take your workouts beyond the weight of your heaviest dumbbell. The Dualbell Superset gives you the option to use 1 or 2 dumbbells per side of the bar during barbell exercises. 

Use the second dumbbells to easily add more weight quickly. Go up incrementally 5lbs by switching out the smaller dumbbell each time or go beast mode and add your heaviest dumbbells to max out. When in use, the included Dualbell connector keeps the dumbbells smoothly rotating on the bar together. Quick and easy to use. Simply place the dumbbell handle inside, close and slide onto your bar. 

Turn your dumbbells into an entire free weight area home gym.

Don’t waste your money on a second set of weights.   Close your eyes and you won’t be able to tell the difference.

  • Quick and easy to use
  • Great for landmine exercises, too!
  • Smoothly rotates on bar
  • Each Dualbell holds up to a 100lb dumbbell
  • Independently tested for strength and durability

What’s included

  • 4 Dualbells
  • 2 interlocking spacers
  • Drawstring storage bag and
  • Workout chart to help you get started quickly

If you need barbell clamps/collars, too, see our bundle package and save

Additional information

  • No special equipment needed. Dualbell works with any standard 1" diameter bar. Lock on Dualbell with standard weight collars. 
  • Compatible with dumbbell handles with a minimum length of 4.25", 108mm, and a maximum diameter of 1.38", 35mm, covering most standard dumbbell handle sizes. Check your handle size before ordering.  Contact us if you need help.
  • To date, our customers have told us that Dualbell fits adjustable dumbbells from the following well-known brands and models:

    • Nuobells
    • Core Fitness
    • Bowflex
    • CAP
    • Nordictrack
    • and more
  • Made of super tough nylon 66 can hold even the heaviest commercially available dumbbells.
  • We aim to ship quickly, within 1 business day of your order being placed.  *For international delivery, please contact us before ordering to confirm shipping rates and availability to your country.  
  • Dualbell is most commonly used with bars in 5’, 6’, and 7’ lengths, as well as the ez-curl bar. But you can also use with other standard barbell types.  
    Here are a couple of bars available on Amazon, that we suggest.



Dualbell is built of strong and durable materials.

Body- Nylon 66

Hinge pin- Delrin

Padded insert- rubber

Spacer (included in Superset)- Nylon 66

Shipping & Returns

  • We aim to ship quickly, within 1 business day of your order being placed.  
    *For international delivery, please contact us before ordering to confirm shipping rates and availability to your country. 


Dualbell works with a standard 1" diameter bar.

Dualbell is compatible with dumbbell handles with a:

- Minimum length of 4.25", 108mm,

-Maximum diameter of 1.38", 35mm.

-Spacer measures 4"in length

Care Instructions

See product literature for more information

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Linda Fitzpatrick
This is A Game Changer

This is the perfect addition to my home gym. Such a great design and is flexible with adding weight to your work-outs as you get stronger, without having to invest in more plates or dumbbells. I would recommend this innovative product to anyone serious about strength training. Awesome.

My Dumbbells' Unexpected Upgrade

Recently, I introduced the Dualbell into my workouts, and it's been a game-changer! It's so user-friendly and intuitive that I looked forward to my workout sessions even more. I especially love how versatile it is – while I'm a regular dumbbell enthusiast, the Dualbell truly shines when I use it for my bar squats. It's become a staple in my routine, finding its place 2-3 times a week. Funny enough, I often wondered why I hadn’t come across such a gem on Amazon before. If you're on the fence, give it a try; it’s a delightful addition to any fitness arsenal!

James M.
Wonderful versatile weight adapter.

I am really enjoying my Dualbell adapters. With the limited weights I have they allow me to increase what I can put on my barbells. They even work with my recent acquisition a set of Trulap adjustable dumbbells that have a larger grip than most dumbbells which give me even more adjustability on my barbells. Really liking them, thanks.


They have amazing customer service! Chatted with me about to ensure it would fit my adjustable dumbbell.

This product is perfect for increasing the versatility of my apartment room home gym. It’s better than the Jayflex hyperbell since it allows rotation of the weight and allows you to use many different standard barbell types and allows me to use to sets of dumbbells for higher weight!

Chris G
Loving the versatility, ease of use and natural movement!

Very impressed at their versatility in turning my dumbbells into a barbell, great for quick swapping of weights for drop sets. Perfect for my small home gym. Love them!

So far in using them for bicep curls and squats they’ve been great. Before trying them I was concerned about the odd shape of the dumbbells would make for a very strange lift experience, however with the natural movement that the dualbell's allow it makes the lift feel completely natural and easy so I don’t have to modify my lift at all and I can just focus on my workout.

I’m leaving them attached to my Bowflex 5225s, which they slide in and out of really easily.