See How Easy it is to Load Dualbell Dumbbell Adapters


  • Bench Press

  • With A Landmine

  • Decline Bench Press

  • Adjustable Dumbbells

  • Shoulder Press

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how to load a dumbbell into a dualbell

Simple to use:

1. Place the dumbbell into the Dualbell

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Dualbell works with dumbbell handles with a minimum grip length of 4.25"/108mm and a maximum diameter of 1.38"/35mm

pick up a dualbell with a dumbbell inside

2. Close Dualbell and lift from the bottom.

Dualbell is contoured to your hand to make it easy to pick up and place on the bar.

Enhance Your Workouts
Slide Dualbell loaded with dumbbell onto a bar

3. Slide Dualbell onto the bar and lock with a weight collar.

Dualbell uses standard weight collars sized for your particular barbell. Ensure the weight collar is in securely in place before use.

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  • Dualbell is independently tested and rated

    Independently tested and rated

  • Patented Innovation

  • Dualbell is made and assembled in the USA

    Made and assembled in the USA

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Dualbell is the ultimate gym accessory for dumbbell owners and home gym enthusiasts looking to add versatility and value to their dumbbell regimen. Its innovative design eliminates the need for traditional weight plates, making it a dynamic and cost-effective option for both beginners and experienced fitness enthusiasts alike looking to expand their workout routine without sacrificing space.

Simply clasp Dualbell around the handle of your dumbbells and slide it onto your bar for barbell exercises. When in use, the interlocking spacers provide stability for the option of adding a second set of dumbbells to the bar making it even easier for adding or removing weight. Plus, combining the weight of multiple dumbbells helps the user maximize weight gains.

The compact size ensures that you can store it anywhere. With Dualbell, you can enjoy the benefits of a complete gym setup without breaking the bank or sacrificing space in your home gym.