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Dualbell Pair- Dumbbell to Barbell Connector

Dualbell Pair- Dumbbell to Barbell Connector

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Give Your Dumbbells More To Do!

Take your dumbbell workouts to the next level and turn your home gym into a full free weight area combining both dumbbell and barbell exercises.  The Dualbell Pair allows you to take your dumbbells and attach them to a bar so they can double as weight plates.

Get more Workout from your dumbbells.

Don’t waste your money on a second set of weights. Our dumbbell to barbell adapters are quick and easy to use. When finished, Dualbell dumbbell converters store conveniently on a shelf, in a closet or under furniture.  Close your eyes and you won’t be able to tell the difference.

  • Quick and easy to use
  • Slides on easily to any 1" diameter standard bar.
  • Great for landmine exercises, too!
  • Smoothly rotates on bar
  • Each Dualbell holds up to a 100lb dumbbell
  • Affordable alternative to buying and storing weight plates
  • Independently tested for strength and durability

What's included:

  • 2 Dualbells
  • Drawstring storage bag
  • Workout chart to help you get started

If you need barbell clamps/collars, too, see our bundle package and save

Want to use two pairs of dumbbells at once, check out the Dualbell Superset

Additional information

  • No special equipment needed. Dualbell works with any standard 1" diameter bar. Lock on Dualbell with standard weight collars. 
  • Compatible with dumbbell handles with a minimum length of 4.25", 108mm, and a maximum diameter of 1.38", 35mm, covering most standard dumbbell handle sizes. Check your handle size before ordering.  Contact us if you need help.
  • To date, our customers have told us that Dualbell fits adjustable dumbbells from the following well-known brands and models:

    • Nuobells
    • Core Fitness
    • Bowflex
    • CAP
    • Nordictrack
    • and more
  • Here are a couple of bars available on Amazon, that we suggest.

  • Made of super tough nylon 66 can hold even the heaviest commercially available dumbbells.
  • We aim to ship quickly, within 1 business day of your order being placed.  *For international delivery, please contact us before ordering to confirm shipping rates and availability to your country. 


Dualbell is built of strong and durable materials.

Body- Nylon 66

Hinge pin- Delrin

Padded insert- rubber

Spacer (included in Superset)- Nylon 66

Shipping & Returns

  • We aim to ship quickly, within 1 business day of your order being placed.  
    *For international delivery, please contact us before ordering to confirm shipping rates and availability to your country. 


Dualbell works with a standard 1" diameter bar.

Dualbell is compatible with dumbbell handles with a:

- Minimum length of 4.25", 108mm,

-Maximum diameter of 1.38", 35mm.

-Spacer measures 4"in length

Care Instructions

See product literature for more information

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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews

could use foam insert to grip dumbbell tight works as expected.

Shaked Rosenthal
Great product!!

Have been using DualBells for about a year or so. It's one of the tools that I use as a trainer, and it is super useful for me. Some clients only have dumbbells. A barbell has a ton of other benefits that dumbbells are missing. DualBell really came in clutch.

Genuinely smart product that has made my toolkit alot more verstile.

Great Space Saver When Paired with Adjustable Dumbbells

Works well with my NordicTrack 55 Lb. Select-A-Weight Dumbbells. With a cheap standard bar, I can add barbell excercises using my dumbbells.

Great idea to make better use of your dumbbells

What a great innovative idea to be able to use my dumbbells to add weight to my bar. Perfect fit for the dumbel and really high quality finish.

Super responsive and friendly seller.

Glenn Dickstein
Better than the Jayflex Hyperbell

I tried the Jayflex Hyperbell first and it didn't work well with my Ironmaster dumbbells. The Dualbell fits the Ironmaster handles better. The Dualbell attachments also replicates the effect of a rotating collar of a olympic barbell. This makes it a lot less awkward to handle than the Hyperbell.