Sam Akinrinade, NYC Personal Trainer, Trials Dualbell

Sam Akinrinade, NYC Personal Trainer, Trials Dualbell

A visit to NYC's Fit Faction To See Dualbell In Action At The Gym


Last week I took Dualbell over to Fit Faction in NYC and met up with #personaltrainers Sam Akinrinade and Anthony Cuevas. Sam got comfortable and confident handling Dualbell right away. Anthony, who had seen us while training a client, eagerly stopped over quickly on his out to give it a go. Dualbell lets you connect your #dumbbells to a bar, allowing you to do #barbellexercises without the need to buy or store #weightplates. An affordable, space saving way to bring #barbellworkouts into your #homegym. Expand your #homegymworkout with this easy to use and versatile new product.

Why Do We Invite Personal Trainers to Trial Dualbell?

Personal trainers are experts in the fitness industry. They can provide reassurance to potential customers that the product is effective and beneficial for their workouts.  The personal trainer's firsthand experience and professional expertise can instill confidence in potential customers that Dualbell is a reliable and effective tool for their fitness goals.

Moreover, personal trainers can offer insights on how Dualbell can enhance your exercise program and provide a challenging workout. This information can be invaluable for those who are seeking guidance on how to optimize their fitness routine.

Additionally, personal trainers can share their experiences using Dualbell with their clients, demonstrating how it can be integrated into different training programs and workouts. This firsthand experience can help Dualbell owners visualize additional ways Dualbell can be a valuable addition to their own home gym setup.

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