Personal Trainer Joshua Margolis's Dualbell Trainer Trial

Personal Trainer Joshua Margolis's Dualbell Trainer Trial

Asking The Fitness Professionals For Their Input

Just around the New Year, NYC personal trainer Joshua Margolis, visited me at my home, and I guess you could say the official testing center for Dualbell as this is where we worked on developing Dualbell.

Joshua is the owner of Mind Over Matter Personal Training in New York City.  Together, we went through several tried and true barbell exercises and many of Joshua's favorites when it comes to working with his clients.  Check out what he likes to do and see how he enjoying doing those movements with Dualbell. 

Are you considering purchasing Dualbell but still have some questions about its performance and effectiveness? One way to gain valuable insights is by hearing from professional personal trainers who have tried and tested Dualbell in their own workouts. By receiving positive feedback from trainers, you can have greater confidence in the quality and potential of Dualbell to help you achieve your fitness goals. So why not try Dualbell for yourself and experience its unique benefits, as recognized by top personal trainers in the industry?"

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