Dualbell Personal Trainer Trial #7- Adam Shuty tries our Dumbbell Adapters

 In A Weston, CT, Garage Gym, Dualbell Dumbbell Adapters Prove Formidable Surrounded by Bumper Plates

Here is a transcript from my time with personal trainer Adam Shuty:

"I love it! I love it! This latest Dualbell trainer trial took me north to Connecticut where I met up with personal trainer and owner of Atomic Total Fitness Adam Shuty in his fully equipped garage gym.

This is my first experience with the Dualbell… When we do our cleans we always want to try to do a little hip pinging first. Right. Feels just like a barbell. Throwing my hips into the bar. Cool. Cool. Overhead press.  Stomach tight, butt tight. Good times.  Watch yourself buddy.

I'm starting to warm up a little bit more.

It absolutely feels the same as if I was doing a deadlift with a trap bar, straight bar. It feels like a straight bar so good yeah.



The Bear Complex

So here's what I want to do, you ever do the Bear Complex?  So it's just a clean press. Go like this, it's like a push jerk and then you put it so lower it down. Great, great exercise to do. Combines you know a lot of things. It's also a nice challenge at this weight to do all these movements.


The fact of the matter is if you have two dumbbells at home, you just get the system. You get the bar. You get the Dualbells and you can do so many other things. You scared Neville. He ran over here. That's how you do it.


I was even saying, I don't commonly press independently 60 pound dumbbells over my head, right, but when you connect them with the bar, even though it's heavier, I'm willing to engage, in you know, split jerk, uh, you know lower it behind my head. Catch it in the squat. Granted I have an advanced level skill set, but it's teachable.

And 60’s for you, might be twenties for someone else, or fifteen.

For sure. To be able to do you know those different types of exercises, you know, we've noticed that maybe these (dumbbells) move around a little bit more when the weight is lighter, but that's good because that's perturbation. That movement is forcing you to work hard right. That instability, yeah instability you know you pay extra for that.

Right. This is great! I mean it's exactly what I hope it would be.

The Bench Press

I love it! I love it! yeah if all I had was dumbbells at home then I added the bar with the Dualbells, I've got a whole gym now compared to what I had before.

 Easy to Use

There is a technique to taking these off correctly. And if you put your hand underneath and you slide it, it comes right off. And it's way better than taking plates off, because you always have to struggle with plates, when you have a bunch of plates on there.  So it's nice that with the

proper technique they come right off.  And we're onto our next exercise.

The Bicep Curl 

The coaching point, or the queuing point, is do it without the movement. Right. Oh, and it's just a much more concentrated curl. You know you can speed it up and you're going to see that wobble. Fine. You want to fight the wobble fine, but it's now going to be wobbling while you try to go through the motion which is going to make it even harder right.

So if, you can go both ways.  You can have it both ways if you like this. 

Again it's specificity. If I tell, if I coach you to do the curl without the movement, you have to go slower, you can't use momentum. It's a better curl. Period. If I say fine you're getting tired now put some momentum into it, and you can just curl how you would think you would naturally do it.

As fast as you want to do it, it now is going to put that perturbation in. You're gonna have that rocking on the way down and we know that we can overload on the negative. We can actually lower more weight than we can curl up. So now you're going to have that on the way down. And if you don't let it settle out at the bottom you're going to have it get on the way up.

So that's what I'm saying right you can have it both ways. It's going to be hard both ways. It doesn't make it easier, and I would think anybody that's trying to get in shape, that's the last thing you'd want is something that's like, oh look I can do these curls all day and it's like I'm not even working out. Right, and you're like yeah you didn't do anything.

I love it. Like I said, I was looking forward to the curl. You know your biceps are working on that bent over row, but they're not going to necessarily look the same as the biceps of somebody putting a little time in.

I welcome the challenge because it's different.

The Wrap Up

You know that's the thing is, is that you're not just selling a weightlifting system you're, you're selling something that integrates that's efficient that's smarter than just going out and buying more it's more with less. Very nice. Very nice, Glenn."

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