Dualbell Personal Trainer Trial #4: Shaked Rosenthal, NYC Trainer

Dualbell Personal Trainer Trial #4: Shaked Rosenthal, NYC Trainer

Seeing what the fitness pros think of Dualbell

Shaked Rosenthal and I met at The Fitness Office, on NYC's Upper East Side, for the latest Dualbell Trainer Trial a few weeks ago. 💪"I'm more excited now [after using it], than when I first saw it,"💪 Shaked said after the last exercise.

Always challenging himself and his clients, on this day he put Dualbell to the test. Curious about Dualbell and how it can improve your workouts? See what Shaked thinks and what his plans are for his clients. 

The exercises

We put Dualbell through several exercises so that Shaked could get a feel for the different things he could try.  Bench presses, deadlift, clean and jerk, shoulder press, biceps curls, t-bar rows and squats.  With several of these exercises, we added the second set of dumbbells to use four at a time with the Dualbell Superset.  Shaked explored the versatility of Dualbell and felt that it really "amplified" the value of dumbbells.  Take a look...


Find out more about Rosenthal Fitness at https://shaked.rosenthal.neighborhoodtrainer.com. #nycindependentpersonaltrainers looking for training space on the #uppereastsidenyc contact Vinnie at http://thefitnessoffice.com/

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