Dualbell Dumbbell Holder Personal Trainer #6 w/ Mahdiyya Raheem

Dualbell Dumbbell Holder Personal Trainer #6 w/ Mahdiyya Raheem

We test our Dualbell dumbbell holder with experts in the field of fitness.   Not only are personal trainers able to give us feedback to back up our original intentions, but they also show us different applications and intangible benefits In this latest personal trainer trial, NYC personal trainer Mahdiyya Raheem came to Brooklyn’s Prospect Park.

Dia put our dumbbell adapters through a series of exercises and gave us plenty of great commentary and insight   Turns out that connecting dumbbells to barbells is an extremely effective option for people new to fitness all the way up to advanced fitness enthusiasts.  The video and video transcript are below.  Enjoy!


Video Transcript:

Anybody looking to buy this, Glenn did a good job. 


Summertime in New York City. The perfect time to do a Dualbell Trainer Trial in Brooklyn's Prospect Park.  That's why, today, I'm meeting up with personal trainer Mahdiyya Raheem. 


I've been looking for a landline press for my clients. I have some exercises that I want them to do with that.  The apartment clients, they do not have barbells or landline press.


Yes, this would be perfect for my clients. 


My clients aren't necessarily athletes who are interested in just getting their lifestyle, their fitness lifestyle, on track. Being a little healthy. Learning about clean eating. So, they're not necessarily trying to be power lifters and compete. This would be perfect.


Like a regular deadlift. The weights are totally secure. The dumbbells aren't sliding. The apparatuses that are holding the dumbbells aren't sliding. Everything is staying in place. I don't feel any difference at all. All the same areas that I need to, I guess, brace or contract. It’s the same thing.


This, I think would be a lot less intimidating to my clients because their dumbbells. Usually that's what folks go to when they go into the gym. They look for the dumbbells and they look for the equipment that is a lot less intimidating. Again, if your technique is on point, or correct, that swinging is not going to bother you.

Feels good. It feels just like the the barbells that come with the weights on them that the gyms have it feels just like that so I've never actually done a farmer's walk with the barbell okay and how does it feel it feels better than doing it with uh the dumbbells in your hand

I feel like I can focus more on my core that definitely felt more of my core engaged than having it with two dumbbells on the side.


All you have to do is just clean it up press it and bring it back to your shoulders that's normally what 2:30 you would do if it wasn't in a rack um that also depends on your strength.




Well, you want to make sure that #1, your hips are forward. Your glutes are tight there, so that when you come up, you're not here. Your hips are forward. You can bring that down, bring it back down again.


I think it's a good piece of equipment for all fitness levels. And especially because my people are the newbie people so I'm really concerned about how they would feel. It wouldn't intimidate them. It would actually motivate them to want to up their level. It would make them more confident. When you have folks like me, this is going to work just like an Olympic Bar and the 45lb plates. So, there really isn't too much, there isn't anything to worry about. My clients, like I said, are newbie clients. So, they have been trained on dumbbells, just because we want to try to get the muscle imbalances closer than far away from each other. The barbell is definitely an important piece in progression in linear progression. So, I can't just keep training them with dumbbells. At some point I need to see if we have made any progress on eliminating that muscle imbalance and that's what the barbell does.


Sometimes people think that your hips are responsible for your balance, but it's actually your core that is responsible for that. So, like you said, as long as you have that tight and your technique is on point, those dumbbells should not swing too much.


Even when the dumbbell swings back and forth, I mean, I don't find that as an issue I find it as a challenge, for my lats. And it also helps you to control your movement.


Final thoughts would be for my advanced people. I know that we are so used to the plates, and aahh and the Olympic Bar, and you know basically just going off in the gym. This will help you do it also. You can do the same thing with this, if you're a bodybuilder and you want to get you know your little thing in before you go out and you can't get to the gym. That works for a newbie person who is a little bit intimidated by the 45 plates in the Olympic Bar. This is perfect for them.

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