Building a home gym on a $500 budget? Here's what to get:

Focus on high value, versatile fitness equipment

When it comes to building a home gym, the idea of spending thousands of dollars can become a runaway train quickly. But the truth is, it is possible to create a great workout space on a budget. With just $500, you can have a well-rounded gym setup that will enable you to achieve your fitness goals. Here's what you should get:

  1. Adjustable Dumbbells: Adjustable dumbbells should be your first investment. These will give you the versatility to perform a wide range of exercises without the need for a full rack of weights. For $200, you can purchase a good set of adjustable dumbbells that can go up to 50 pounds each. This will allow you to do exercises like shoulder presses, bicep curls, and tricep extensions.

  2. Dualbell: This new product is a perfect complement to your adjustable dumbbells and allows you to repurpose those dumbbells to them like weight plates on a barbell.  This means you can focus on power and explosiveness with exercises like deadlifts, squats, and bench presses. The Dualbell Pair is only $39.99. A 5' bar can be had for as little as $30 and weight collars for $10, making it an affordable way to expand your strength training options.

  3. Resistance Bands: Resistance bands are a great way to add variety to your workout and challenge your muscles in new ways. They are also easy to store and transport, making them perfect for home workouts. You can get a set of resistance bands for around $30, and they come in a variety of resistance levels.

  4. Stability Ball: A stability ball is an inexpensive way to add a new dimension to your workout. It can be used for exercises like crunches, planks, and push-ups, and it's also great for stretching. You can get a good quality stability ball for around $20.

  5. Jump Rope: Jumping rope is an excellent cardio exercise that can help you burn calories and improve your coordination. A jump rope is an inexpensive investment that you can use anywhere, even when you're traveling. You can get a good quality jump rope for around $10.

  6. Yoga Mat: If you're planning on doing any floor exercises, a yoga mat is a must-have. It will provide cushioning and support for your body, and it's also easy to clean. You can get a good quality yoga mat for around $20.

Making your home gym fit together

With these six items, you'll have a great foundation for your home gym. The adjustable dumbbells and Dualbell will allow you to perform a wide variety of strength training exercises.  The resistance bands, stability ball, jump rope, and yoga mat will add a different dimension to your workouts. Best of all, you can get all of these items for under $500.

Building a home gym doesn't have to break the bank. By investing in a few key pieces of equipment, you can create a versatile workout space that will help you achieve your fitness goals. 

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